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YA YA Services, Inc.
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YA YA Services, Inc and it's affiliated companies are in the business of marketing and online services.  We have been helping people make money online (and off) for years by providing the most cutting edge products, services and information on how to be successful, and our track record with thousands of happy clients has proven it.

From time to time we may send an email promoting a product or service that we think is of extreme value and in turn we may get paid on the recommendation.  We have a strict "No-Refund Policy".  All sales are final.  As soon as you purchase our services, we will immediately go to work for you by helping you increase your cashflow.  If you are purchasing an information product, you will have "instant" access to the purchased materials.  If you have purchased a website & hosting package,  All orders are typically completed and emailed to you within 24 business hours.

Please note that we will never promote or recommend anything that is not of value in helping you to increase your cashflow or grow your business.  We will continue to provide new strategies, techniques and special opportunities to help you make money in the future.  I truly hope you enjoy the training, marketing systems and products we provide. 
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